Safe abortion Hotline in Kenya launched 2012


Kenyan activists launched a hotline in Nairobi called "Aunty Jane”. This hotline shares information about how women can safely have an abortion using misoprostol, and to prevent post-partum hemorrhage (PPH – dangerous bleeding after giving birth). Women on Waves, Women on Web and activists from Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda supported the hotline launch, which uses software from Freedom Fone, a Zimbawean open-source initiative. Since the launch 2 weeks ago the hotline received over 50 calls.

Unsafe abortion and post-partum hemorrhage are the main causes of maternal mortality in Kenya, so this hotline could save thousands of lives every year.

To reach Aunty Jane, call:

0727 101919 - Safaricom

0737 101919 - Airtel

0755 101919 - Yu

0771 101919 – Orange

0753 700352 - Yu

0751 101919

0771 101919

aunty jane hotline

Aunty Jane Hotline is an Interactive Voice Response system, meaning women can access information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in English and Swahili. Aunty June gives information on PPH prevention, contraception, unwanted pregnancy and abortion, among other sexual and reproductive health topics. Because abortion is a very stigmatized topic, the launch of this public hotline is an important step forward. Callers can leave a message or sms and get a call back from a trained operator if they have specific questions or want to speak with someone. 

In Kenya, one in 38 women dies from pregnancy-related causes. Unsafe abortion rates in Kenya are among the world's highest, where at least 35% of maternal deaths are caused by unsafe abortion. The unmet need for contraception and the stigma associated with abortion contribute greatly to these statistics. According to 2008-2009 data, more than 40% of births in Kenya are unplanned.

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For information about misoprostol:

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