Abortion Roe-bots to dispense abortion pills in front of the Supreme Court.

Press release March 24th, 2024 —Women on Waves, in collaboration Aid Access, a telemedical abortion service providing abortion pills in all 50 states, and Abortion Access Front, is set to unveil Abortion Robots outside the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. These robots will distribute mifepristone, commonly known as abortion pills, on March 26th at 8:30 AM EST.

The abortion robots will be operated remotely from within shield law states, where legal protection safeguards abortion providers against punitive measures. [1] [2]

The Supreme Court will convene at 9:00 AM EST to deliberate the registration status of mifepristone, a critical component of medication-induced abortions. This decision holds immense implications for the accessibility of abortion pills via mail.

Mifepristone is used in combination with misoprostol to end a pregnancy. The World Health Organisation endorses telemedical abortion services and home use of the abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol without direct supervision of a health-care provider, up to 13 weeks pregnancy. Scientific research in the past decades has shown that telemedical abortions by mail are very safe and similar to clinic abortions.[3] [4] [5]

An Amicus Brief, representing women who used the Aid Access's telemedical abortion service, highlights the indispensable role of such services.[6]

Several studies demonstrate that the most common reasons for requesting for telemedical abortion services were the inability to afford in-clinic care (73.5%), privacy (49.3%), and clinic distance (40.4%).[7] [8] [9] [10] A large group of those who received telemedical abortion services, live below the federal poverty level and in a social vulnerable environment. [11] [12]

Telemedical abortion services are well-established in several countries including the UKFranceCanadaIrelandNew Zealand and, since December 2022, the USA.  

Aid Access is committed to continue provide abortion pills by mail or Roe-bots across all 50 states, independently of the upcoming Supreme Court ruling in this case.


For more information:

Dr Linda Prine, Shield law Abortion provider Aid Access  +1-917-520 2889

Dr Rebecca Gomperts, director Women on Waves and Aid Access +31-6-5205 2561

Lauren Jacobson, Shield law Abortion Provider Aid Access +1-240-277 7256


About Women on Waves: Women on Waves is a Dutch non-profit organisation founded in 1999. We trust that women can do a medical abortion themselves and develop innovative strategies to ensure that all people have access to medical abortion and information. Our better known campaigns involve sea voyages, drones or robots to countries where abortions are illegal, but we also conduct research, develop art projects, engage in legal actions, give sexual education and medical knowledge workshops and help women throughout the course of their abortions via the internet.

About Aid Access: Dr. Rebecca Gomperts established Aid Access in 2018 with the mission of offering telemedicine-based abortion services to individuals in need throughout the USA, regardless of legal restrictions or financial barriers. Since June 2023 Aid Access works with US providers licensed in the shield law states who mail abortion pills to all 50 states.

About Abortion Access Front:
Founded in 2015 by comedian and Daily Show co-creator Lizz WinsteadAbortion Access Front (Abortion AF) is a nonprofit organization made up of activists, comedians, writers, and producers. They use humor to destigmatize abortion and expose the extremist forces working to destroy access to reproductive rights and abortion in all 50 states. Abortion AF’s provocative and hilarious multimedia content educates people about the pervasive and discriminatory abortion laws that disproportionately impact people in BIPOC communities, while also working on the ground, growing support, and raising awareness for independent abortion providers– the community clinics who bear the brunt of anti-abortion legislation and harassment, and provide the majority of abortion care in the country.


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