30th July, 2009

Safe Abortion Hotline Launched in Buenos Aires


The hotline has been launched! The hotline was presented in a press conference, followed by a street parade for safe abortion, attended by numerous groups of feminist activists.

hotline banner, march in Buenos Aires

At 5pm, over 100 people gathered in the Archibraso Cultural Center for the presentation of the safe abortion hotline, "Abortion: More Information, Less risk." The hotline was presented by a spokesperson, who spoke about the need for the hotline and situation of abortion in Argentina. Other panelists spoke about the legal and medical aspects of the hotline, and there was a question and answer session afterward.

From the press conference, the attendees headed to the streets to meet up with the other activists that were already occupying a central corner in downtown Buenos Aires. From there, the crowd took to the street, marching to the congressional plaza. There were at least 200 people in the march, representing groups that form part of the national movement to decriminalize abortion, as well as individuals who came out to support. There were banners, drummers, and a truck with a sound system. People were sticking stickers with the hotline number, and painting stencils and grafitti.

And in the true spirit of Argentine activism, someone brought 500 homemade empanadas to feed the crowd!