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Organizations and Resources

  • Aid Acess
    Abortion pill access by post in all US-States
  • We Are Jane
    Access to safe abortion services; regional organization with national outreach
  • Planned Parenthood;
    Womens Health; National organization with extensive experience in Women's health
  • Plan C Pills
    Information on how to safely access abortion with pills in all US-States with an overview over the various help networks and options in place

Community Comments

  1. "Mifepristone and Misoprostol: Prescription required from a registered prescriber. Access is moderately difficult; Prescriber must be registered and approved by the manufacturer to prescribe drugs, recipient must then obtain Rx to fill at a pharmacy. Not all pharmacies carry these drugs in stock, rural pharmacies especially. Individual States are attempting to criminalize those seeking services. Planned Parenthood is located in every state and has an online chat that can help in seeking services even if unavailable in the State in which you reside.
    Pro-life groups masquerade as abortion assistance thru pregnancy websites and offices." Anonymous, November 2022
  2. "Access to Mifepristone: Each state is different. In New York it is easy to access from abortion providers (medical personnel). Misoprostol can be easily accessed from medical providers for “off label use”. Mifepristone is expensive. Misoprostol is cheap." - Advanced Practice Clinician at Planned Parenthood of Greater New York, November 2022


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