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Organizations and Resources

  • Women on Web
    Abortion pill access by mail
  • Peace Foundation Pakistan
    Suhaili Hot line.
    Information, Consultation and referral services for getting Misoprostol and usage of Misoprostol
    Social Outlets Retail: Safe abortion pills and self-injected method for injection for FP in 120 rural desert areas of three districts (60 villages per districts).
    Group Formation of Grocery shop owner, women shopkeeper,vegetable sellers 20-25 people. Skills building. Training of outlet owners for keeping documentation on mobile phone and Quarterly forums for Marketing skills and knowledge building to know how to sale safe abortion pills, procedure to use, precautions, confirmation days of pregnancy, forms of abortion understanding on contraceptive information, available services and referrals at nearest places. Sale outlets will be painted with special color for identification and awards will be given to best sellers, pictorial information material on safe abortion, family planning methods will be kept in shops. Monthly visits to facilitate see stock, know challenges, meet clients, help to prepare record on android. Edutainment activities for Building Community support to women to go to local facilities for safe abortion pills and self-injected methods for family planning instead of untrained health service providers & quakes through edutainment activities. Our Collaborator organization Women Help Women will support us in developing training for public health officials, pharmacists and pharma companies. WHW will also build our capacity to disseminate information by sharing models from other contexts. After being trained by WHW, PF will provide values clarification workshops for health service providers and pharma companies to improve understanding and support for safe abortion services and family planning methods

Community Comments

  1. "Yes, Misoprostol is distributed. My organization provides free Misoprostol pills in rural areas of Sindh. We provide Misoprostol for PPH, missed and incomplete abortion and medical abortion. We run mobile help lines, organize free medical camps, conduct information dissemination meetings, radio programs and free outlets for misoprostol. We have opened 10 family planning centers for information sharing about medical abortion and post abortion care.
    Access to Misoprostol is very difficult in rural areas, Women & girls in the rural desert area of Sindh have limited access & poor information on self-managed abortion with pills & self-injected methods for family planning.Poverty and restrictions on mobility preclude women from traveling, Pharma companies have low interest to supply abortion pills in rural areas, because of low demand. Additionally, the judgmental and stigmatizing attitude of pharmacist’s community and service providers and high cost of abortion are major barriers for women of our area. There is a need for safe self-administered menstrual health regulation and family planning." Muhammad Aslam Peace Foundation Pakistan - November 2022


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