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Organizations and Resources

  • Women on Web
    Abortion pill access by mail
  • Österreichische Gesellschaft für Familienplanung (ÖGF)
    Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
    Non-profit association, campaigns for sexual and reproductive health and rights for all people living in Austria and runs nine counselling centres in Vienna, one of them is specialised in abortion-counselling. Provides information and addresses on abortion throughout Austria.
    +43 1 478 52 42
  • CHANGES for women
    Funding support to access abortion. Non-profit association that offers financial support for abortions mainly in Vienna. On-site counseling is not possible. Contact by e-mail.
  • Ciocia Wienia
    Safe abortion, travel and funding support to access abortion. Provides information on reproductive rights and the forms of abortion in Austria and helps organise travel, accommodation, the abortion procedure and translation. Also helps with access to anonymous birth. Whenever possible, they offer financial support. They speak English, German, Polish and Russian.
  • Österreichische Gesellschaft für Familienplanung
    Provides information and addresses on abortion throughout Austria.
  • Abortion in Austria
    Abortion in Austria is a website that provides information and addresses on abortion in 9 languages.
    Austria's public health portal and provides information on abortion, links to OGF website (adresses for abortion), family counselling centres and women's health centres.
  • CHANGES for women
    Information on abortion and financial support.

Community Comments

  1. "Hospitals, outpatient clinics or gynecologists in private practice can obtain Mifepristone in Austria. Private individuals cannot obtain mifepristone from pharmacies on prescription. Mifepristone has to be administered in the presence of the doctor (!) or, following a written doctor's order, in the presence of a member of the senior health care and nursing staff.
    The cost makes access more difficult. The reality is that only a few gynecologists offer abortions with Mifepristone (or communicate that they offer it). A few gynecologists in private practice also offer mifepristone for women in difficult financial situations for a social fee (those are very rare exceptions). There is also a strong east-west divide in Austria, with access to mifepristone being worse in the west of Austria than in the east (in Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Burgenland there is one or no office that officially dispenses mifepristone). There is also a disparity between urban and rural areas.

    Tips: We have had the experience that individuals have been able to have abortions with Mifepristone in clinics/private practices that do not officially provide this medical service. If they ask directly and don't let themselves be shaken off, sometimes they receive Mifepristone. If there are financial difficulties, very few cities or federal states offer support (ask!!). Otherwise, women and families can ask for financial support from non-profit organisations such as Changes for Women. " - Anonymous, November 2022


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