Local Activists and Supporters Visit Women on Waves Boat

The Women on Waves boat was open for visits today. We had volunteers from local organizations help with security and help greet visitors. Local supporters and curious passers-by got tours of the ship, and were able to get information about medical abortion and hear more about the campaign. Local feminist activists were able to talk about the local situation, and what they hope to happen in Spain with the new abortion law.

The area around the marina was more crowded than usual, since many people had come to see the aerial show of stunt planes flying overhead. It was very loud, but a funny distraction. Also, a few protesters came with a banner, causing 4 police cars to show up to prevent any problems. However, after a brief discussion, the protesters were ignored, and after a while they got bored and went home.

After a beautiful day at the harbor, punctuated by the roar of the planes flying overhead, we were invited to a house in the countryside, where we picked oranges and tried the famous Valencian paella.

Air show
the roar of the stunt flyers punctuated the day
Open day
visitors and volunteers at the open day
Documentary Dianna
Discussion protestors
discussion with anti-choice protesters
Paella Party

Farewell Party

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