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Organizations and Resources

  • Women on Web
    Abortion pill access by mail
  • SDR Clinic (Supporting Diversity and Reproductive Health Clinic)
    Clinic specializing in sexual and reproductive health (pregnancy abortion and general obstetrics and gynecology care):
    This hospital is a “hospital without discrimination” that provides examinations, detailed counseling, and appropriate information regardless of gender or disability. We aim to be a hospital that anyone can easily find without prejudice or stigma, such as early pregnancy abortion, menstrual cycle-related counseling and management, menopausal counseling and management, and transgender hormone treatment.
    Phone: 0507-1447-1771
    Address: 6th floor, Jangseung Building, 98 Jangseungbaegi-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul
  • SRHR center for Sexual rigHts And Reproductive Justice
    organization for SRHR

Community Comments

  1. “Mifepristone hasn't been registered yet, but black market exists. Also people are contacting NGOs, such as WOW , WHW. Various types of combipack are available in black market. Misoprostol is registered for ulcer medication in KFDA, so using miso for abortion or PPH is off-label. Access to Misoprostol is not difficult, not easy. Because it's off-label (not used for its official registration purpose), Doctors (including primary physician, OBGYN specialist) are reluctant to prescribe it.” Dr. Jungwon Yoon / OBGYN doctor of National medical center - November 2022
  2. "Misoprostol is difficult to access just from the pharmacies.
    It might be prescribed from the doctor if the doctor finds it necessary to do so. ( but still difficult)" - Anonymous - November 2022
  3. "People can access Mifepristone via Internet, but some sellers are not safe and do not know/give the right instructions. This can be (legally) risky if people take the pills unknowingly if there pregnancy is very far along (for example 20 weeks)" - Anonymous - November 2022


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