Operational Plan Women on Waves 2021-2025

Because of COVID19,  international abortion rights campaigns will be very hard to conduct in 2021. All travel, conferences and other activities are hampered because of the measures implemented to restrict the spreading of the virus.

1- Operating facilities and clinics on land or at sea.

  1. Since December 2020, Women on Waves has a permit for an abortion clinic at Domselaerstraat 14, 1093 MA, Amsterdam. In the clinic mainly women without a residence permit or others who cannot afford or reach regular abortion services in the Netherland will be able to get a medical abortion.
  2. When the Covid Pandemic is over or under control, Women on Waves will also again work on setting up campaigns to provide abortion care aboard a ship at sea outside territorial waters to women in countries where abortion care is not allowed.


2- Educating and training medical workers and others

In the coming years, Women on Waves will focus on supporting and training Dutch GPs and other primary health care providers  in the Netherlands for providing medical abortions.

Furthermore, we will provide training and education to local organizations in other countries where there is a need. For this purpose we will develop an online module.


3-Conducting legal proceedings

Women on Waves will engage in and initiate legal proceedings and court cases where necessary and opportune to fight censorship, support digital rights and obstacles to abortion services. Legal proceedings are currently underway in Turkey


4- Supporting other organizations

Women on Waves will support local organizations where necessary and possible in the coming years.


5- Conducting research and development:

  1. Women on Waves will continue overseeing and conducting research to document and publish obstacles to access abortion care and use these data to work with local women’s groups and politicians to advocate for change. We will continue to work together with Women on Web International Foundation and Aid Access.
  2. Over the next 5 years, Women on Waves will oversee and coordinate the research into Mifepriston 50 mg as a new weekly and on demand contraception and prepare for registration together with Karolinska Institutet and Women on Web International Foundation.

6-  Publishing and participating in and organizing cultural events and using all forms of art, literature, film and fashion to create public awareness.

Over the next few years, Women on Waves will be working on a book of abortion stories from around the world and intertwined with the history of Women on Waves throughout the ages. Funds will be raised to have a documentary made together with this book.