Iraq clinics and associations

Women's Organizations: 

Most women and their families do not currently have access to comprehensive emergency obstetric care. The identified challenges for health care providers include difficulties travelling to work due to frequent checkpoints and insecurity, high level of insecurity for patients referred or admitted to hospitals, inadequate staffing due mainly to external migration and premature deaths as a result of the war, lack of drugs, supplies and equipment (including blood for transfusion), and falling standards of training and regulation. (

OWFI (Organisation for Women's Freedom in Iraq) (HIVOS partner)

The Women's Alliance for A Democratic Iraq (WAFDI)

Iraq Family Planning Association (IFPA )

Al Mansour - Marri St
Baghdad 12605

PO Box 6028
Alwazyria street
Baghdad 12605

Tel: +964(1) 422 9202 , (1) 422 4920
Fax: +964(1) 422 9859


Abortion is illegal except to save a woman's life.
Misoprostol is registered…