• Aborsi medis yang aman: Women on Web

    Anda mengalami Kehamilan Tidak Direncanakan? Klik Disini. Ini merupakan layanan aborsi medis online yang disediakan supaya perempuan memiliki akses terhadap metode aborsi aman melalui pil sehingga dapat mengurangi angka kematian yang disebabkan oleh aborsi tidak aman.

  • Tanya Jawab

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  • Warning, fake abortion pills for sale online!!

    There are a lot of websites that claim they are our partners. Please do not believe them, The medicines are not Mifepristone, Mifegyne or RU 486 as they claim. Women on Waves and Women on Web do not have any affiliation with any online pharmacy or seller of medications, even if you see a link to… Read more »

  • What do abortion pills (Mifepristone, RU486, Mifeprex, Mifegyne) look like?

    RU 486,( the abortion pill, Mifepristone, Mifegyne, Mifeprex, Zacafemyl) is registered in some countries, but cannot only be bought at a pharmacy or drug store in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Vietnam Read more »

  • What do misoprostol (cytotec, citotec) pills look like?

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    Beberapa metode aborsi yang digunakan pada trimester pertama Terdapat dua metode yang digunakan untuk penghentian kehamilan secara aman dan efektif: Read more »

  • Abortion Laws Worldwide

    Approximately 25% of the world's population lives in countries with highly restrictive abortion laws - mostly in Latin America, Africa and Asia. In some countries, such as in Chile, women still go to prison for having an illegal abortion, and abortion is not allowed even in cases of rape or… Read more »

  • Break The Silence

    You can help support abortion rights and help break the taboo around abortion. Please go to Women on Web to show your face and share your story. Or donate money to help other women around the world to get safe abortion. If you live in a country where there is no access to safe abortion… Read more »

  • Menggunakan pil misoprostol

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