All salvage attempts fail

Chiel and Dolf, the crew, tried to push the ship back in the sea during high water. It did not succeed but the ship was in a better position. A day later they tried again after a tractor made a ditch. Despite their frantic attempts to pull her in sea, the Harmony ended up higher on the beach.

Everything failed. The boat they had organized a couple of days earlier to help pull the ship in the water, showed up much too late.
The tractor damaged the ship while pushing the ship over the sand..
We dug a deep ditch in the direction of the sea, hoping it would work that way. But the ditch filled in no time with sand again by the waves. So frustrating!
It is not like in the Netherlands were you can easily organize a tugboat.

It will costs a lot of money to try salvage the ship with no guarantee that it will succeed. You can't just pull the Harmony over the beach because she will break apart.
The rudder is now totally destroyed and has to be replaced.

So many uncertainties. It is impossible to say if and when the ship might be able to sail again. We decided to leave it.The ship would never be able to make it to Ecuador anymore.

Second salvage attempt 1
Second salvage attempt
Final salvage attempt
Final Salvage attempt 1
First salvage attempt Harmony 1
Damage Harmony

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