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Organizations and Resources

  • Women on Web
    Abortion pill access by mail
  • The national Helpline: 1938
    - governmental national helpline for domestic violence under Ministry of Women, Child Affairs and Social Empowerment
    - Women Help Line – 1938 faster response for the protection of women
    - providing assistance and relief for the receiving complaints related to all forms of discrimination against women, defilement of the rights of women, harassment and all kinds of abusive circumstances.
    - 1938 is operated every weekday from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. and relevant measures have been taken to operationalize this for 24 hours. The assigned staff of 1938 is devoted to keeping reliable and trusted service for their clients.
  • Web site
  • National Mental Health Helpline
    Which under the national Institute of Mental Health, Sri Lanka.
  • Family Planning Association - Happy Life Centre
    0765884881 and Alokaya Counselling Centre | 0779895252
    non-governmental organization (NGO) that explores innovative and challenging processes of family Planning in Sri Lanka. It focuses on family Planning, Sexual and Reproductive Health and welfare.
  • Shanthi Maargam - Hotline
    Founded in 2016, Shanthi Maargam provides support for children and adolescents to improve their emotional well-being with the goal of breaking the cycle of violence in communities. . Our Art of Living youth center, located in Colombo, offers one-on-one confidential counselling services free of charge and conducts sessions with children from the surrounding community to help them cope with personal issues they may be experiencing.
    phone: +94717639898
  • Sri Lanka Sumithrayo -
    At Sri Lanka Sumithrayo, provide emotional support to those going through difficult times in their lives.
  • Women In Need -
    24 Hour Caller Hotline
    WIN provides essential crisis intervention support services to victims of violence so that women who are crippled by their situations are made strong, independent and protected.
    Apart from the support that WIN provides for its victims, WIN also creates a sense of importance for why women need to be independent and strong – through livelihood programmes and social enterprise initiatives for victims to take up some form of employment in order to support them and their families.
  • Youth Advocacy Network Sri Lanka (YANSL)
    YANSL is a network of youth turning the tides to achieve Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of young people and Gender Equality in Sri Lanka.
    Facebook page
    email :

Community Comments

  1. "miso pills are available yet it is difficult to get as it can only be purchase through a prescription and can't be purchases from the counter without it. But there are some pharmacies (black-market) which sell the pills under a high price than the normal market value. So only a group of women/ girls who belong to a specific economic status can afford it. Also with the ongoing crisis there is a scarcity of medicines and in future it would be challenging to find the pills. Usually, people can just walk into pharmacies and request the pills and see if they get them or not (there won't be any legal issue at that point but to try and see to buy without the prescription, just maybe if that is a place which do not sell without the prescription you will be only judged). Some places which sell them actually knows how many pills to take and the steps as well, likewise some places just guide you through the process when you make a purchase for a medical abortion. Mostly people with real need just walk to few pharmacies to check which is not in their residential area/ home town and try to buy the pills. If women and girls are using surgical mean of abortions, they need to really ensure that they are going to a reliable places. There can be unhygienic and unsafe conditions and settings and can be performed by medically unqualified individuals. "- Anonymous- October 2022


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