Safe abortion for Saudi Arabia/ الإجهاض الآمن للمملكة العربية السعودية


As the Women on Web website is blocked in Saudi Arabia, women who need an abortion can send the answers to the question of the online consultation in an email. Please copy and paste the questions below, answer them and send them through email to either or We will confirm the receipt of your email and a package with the medical abortion will be send to you.

You can also do the online consultation through

Please answer the following questions and send them by email to either or Your answers are reviewed by a licensed doctor and If there are no contraindications, the medical abortion (with the pills mifepristone and misoprostol) will be delivered to your home address. A medical abortion can be done safely at home as long as you have good information and have access to emergency medical care in the rare case that there are complications.

The doctor can only help you if :

  • you are less than 10 weeks pregnant
  • you have no severe illnesses

Please do a pregnancy test and an ultrasound, if possible.

You will be asked to make a donation of 90 euro's  but if you are in a very difficult economic situation, let us know and we can always find a solution.  

To know who Women on Web is, please look under About Women on Web or read about the scientific research 
If you have any questions send an email to Women on Web  (


Thank you for answering these question: 

When (what date) was the first day of your last menstruation? 

Did you take a pregnancy test?

  • Yes, and I am pregnant. 
  • No, I did not do a pregnancy test.
  • No, but I did an ultrasound and I am pregnant.

Did you have an ultrasound?

An ultrasound is important because it can determine the exact length of your pregnancy and can diagnose an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy outside the womb). 

  • Yes 
  • No


How do you feel about your decision?

Different women have different feelings about the decision to have an abortion. You might feel guilty, confused, selfish, stupid, scared, peaceful, afraid, happy, resolved, grieving, ashamed, irresponsible, sad, numb, comfortable, confident, angry, trapped, doubtful, relieved, disappointed or any other feeling.
You can read about the experiences of other women who have done abortions on the "I had an abortion" part of this site.

  • I can cope with my feelings about my decision.
  • I am troubled by my feelings and worried about possible psychological effects and would like more information.

How long have you been pregnant?

  • less than 7 weeks 
  • between 7 and 10 weeks 
  • more than 10 weeks

To exactly determine the length of your pregnancy, you can get an ultrasound.
You can also calculate how long you have been pregnant by determining how many weeks ago your last period was. Calculate what day your last period started. You should include that day and start counting up until today.

Are you able to get to a hospital or first aid centre in 60 minutes or less? 

Just as when you give birth or miscarry, it is important that you are near basic medical care in case complications occur.

  • Yes 
  • No

Do you have somebody who can help you during the medical abortion? In the rare case of a complication, a partner or friend will be able to help you get the medical care you need.

  • There will be somebody with me during the medical abortion.
  • I do not know anybody who could be with me.

Do you have an IUD in place? An IUD is a contraceptive, a small coil of about 3 cm inserted by a doctor in the womb to prevent pregnancy. If possible, we advise to have it removed before a medical abortion can be done

  • No, I do not have an IUD. 
  • Yes, I have an IUD in place.

Do you have an STI? An STI is a sexually transmitted infection such as Chlamydia or Gonorrhea. The risk of such an infection increases when one has unprotected sex and after rape. If you have been raped we advise you to get tested for STI's and to go to the police.

  • No, I do not have a STI. 
  • I might have a STI.

Do you have any of the following illnesses?

  • I don't have any of the mentioned diseases: an allergy to Misoprostol or Mifepristone or another prostoglandin; chronic adrenal failure; hemorrhagic disorder (bleeding disease); or inherited Porphyrias.
  • I have one of the mentioned diseases.

A medical abortion can only be used when a woman has no serious illness. The below mentioned diseases are very rare. If you are not already aware of them, you probably don't have them.

Do you have a heart disease?

  • No 
  • Yes

Do you have epilepsy?

  • No 
  • Yes

Do you have high blood pressure?

  • No 
  • Yes

Do you have diabetes?

  • No 
  • Yes

Do you have a liver disease?

  • No 
  • Yes

Do you have a kidney disease? 

  • No 
  • Yes

Do you have a thyroid disease?

  • No 
  • Yes

Is there any other important information you would like the doctor to know?

If any, what medication do you use? 

What allergies do you have, if any?

Did you have any Caesarean Sections? If so when and did they heal well?

Where do you live?

Please give your correct name and address. Do not give a P.O.Box address unless a P.O. Box is a normal, regular postal arrangement in your country and there is no regular address available. If you have an APO address, please contact us by email at, so that we can help you to find an alternative. 
The medical abortion will be delivered to the address that you provide. All correspondence will be sent to your email address. 
All information will remain confidential.

First name 

Last name 

Birth date

Street address and number

Town or city

Postal code (Zip code)


Telephone number (including country and area code)

Email address

If you do not have an email, you can make one for free at for example or
If you do not receive e-mail from us within few hours, please check your spam folder.

Please email the answers to these questions to or and we will reply as soon as possible.