Help in Portugal

Since 2007, in Portugal a woman has the right to terminate a pregnancy until 10 weeks of gestation, whether you are a Portuguese citizen or not. This right also includes the right to full, free, and confidential medical care in the Portuguese National Health System. It is also possible to terminate a pregnancy in one of the private clinics.

Do you live in Portugal and need help?

Since 2007, terminating a pregnancy by choice, until ten weeks of gestation, has become a right for all women residing in Portugal (Portuguese or foreign, even without the proof of residence permit or document certifying that they are residing in Portugal for more than ninety days). For more information

Here you can find the contacts where you should go:

  • Gynecology and Obstetrics Service at the Hospital closest to your area of residence.
  • Health Center where you are registered or Health Center closest to your area of Residence

If you need help, try one of the following contacts:


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