Abortion is only permitted to save the life of the woman.
Please to go to to obtain abortion pills.


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  • Abortion law Senegal

    Facts In a community-based study in Senegal, estimates of maternal mortality ratio in three regions ranged from 436 to 852 per 100,000 live births. Two-thirds were due to direct obstetric causes, the commonest being haemorrhage. source:  Trop Med Int Health.  2002 Jun;7(6):499-505. Levels and… Read more »

  • Senegal clinics and organisations

    Misoprostol is available as Misoclear. Marie Stopes operates Blue star clinics Patti d'Ore Builders by the pedestrian overpass facing the Autoroute     Africa & Middle East Coordination Office
 Groupe de Recherche sur les Femmes et les Lois au Senegal (GREFELS) PO BOX 5330, Dakar Fann Read more »