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Organizations and Resources

  • Women on Web
    Abortion pill access by mail
  • Vision in Action Cameroon.
    Fields; Hotline by phone, SMS and WhatsApp calls. VIAC operates a hotline known as Aunty Queen’s hotline gives reliable information about women’s health and rights to reduce the stigma and discrimination women encounter when seeking SRHR services, and exceptionally safe abortion services.
    +237 673532667

Community Comments

  1. "Mifepristone is very difficult to access, My suggestion is to distribute through friendly and mapped-out pharmacies in communities and towns where the hotline reaches. Misoprostol can be accessed upon doctors prescriptions." - Vision in Action Cameroon (VIAC), November 2022
  2. "The products are available in pharmacies, however it is difficult to obtain a prescription for Mifepristone and find it. Misoprostol is easier to get without a prescription from a pharmacy. It is possible to have an abortion with only Misoprostol registered in the majority of West and Central African countries. Abortion Pills are often not available in public hospitals. You can search for the name of a provider to obtain a prescription on a site with a reliable database. Or at best get this prescription online, buy the combipack at the pharmacy and have access to online support during the process. Of course, there are all sorts of scams for clandestine abortions. Especially on facebook or what'sapp." - Anonymous - February 2023
  3. Abortion pills are available at pharmacies in Cameroon, but obtaining them necessitates a strict medical prescription, and the majority of regular health personnel in the country are not authorized to prescribe them. Many women and medical practitioners are not aware of the legal right to have an abortion in Cameroon, and those who attempt to obtain permission for a legal abortion often confront hurdles that result in delays and may push them towards seeking an unsafe abortion from other sources. - see how to use aborion pill - last accessed march 2023


Watch out for fake abortion clinics and sellers online. See or contribute to our list of scams & stay safe!

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