Mexico: Clinics and Organizations

You can call  + (52) 7559800548   for more information about safe abortion options in Mexico

In Mexico, Misoprostolis registered as Cytotec, Artrotec and Cyrux and  it is easy to get. Some pharmacies request a prescription but others do not.

Mifepristone is available as Zacafemyl in Mexico.

In Mexico City, free abortion services are available in clinics and hospitals ran by Mexico City’s Ministry of Health


In private clinics women have to pay for the abortion services. These are some of the private clinics: 

For women living outside of Mexico City who would like to travel to Mexico City to get a safe abortion, FONDO MARIA can help with funds, a place to stay, and a clinic escort, and help women set up appointments in Mexico City Clinics. For more info:

To get more information, please call 01800-832-7311 or write at


Women’s Organizations



Local women’s organisations Outside Mexico City


  • ANDAR (La Alianza Nacional por el Derecho a Decidir)


Centro de Atencion Integral de la Pareja
phone: (55) 5741 34 88
57 40 74 67



Organizations outside Mexico City (in the states): 


  • Fondo Maria (a social fund that helps women access legal abortion services in Mexico City)

Landline: 01800-8327-311 | In Mexico City: 5243·5054


* At a exchange rate of 1 USD = 18.30 MXN (February 28th, 2016).



In the other 30 states of Mexico, abortion is only legal if the pregnancy is…