Philippines: Organizations and clinics

Abortion is permitted to save a woman's life but the law does not state this explicitly.

To have a safe abortion you have the following options: 


1- If you have the possibility to travel. 

Abortion is legal and  available in the following countries near the Phillipines: 



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2- You can have a safe medical abortion using only the medication Misoprostol till 12 weeks . Misoprostol is registered but very difficult to find.  Try to get 12 tablets of Misoprostol in a local pharmacy or from a trusted source. Misoprostol has many different brand names, to find the brand name available in your country please go to .

The use of Misoprostol alone is 80% effective. On this page you will find the complete information and tips on how to find misoprostol:


Women's Organizations



WGNRR, Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights
Coordination Office:



Post Abortion Care Hotline
Mobile Number: +639186734444
WhatsApp, Telegram & Viber: +639186734444
FB Messenger:


However, on prescription it is possible to get Arthotec, which is a combination…