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For more information on where to obtain an abortion in Germany :

For both surgery or medical abortion you must attend a compulsory consultation at a legal pregnancy counseling center like  Profamilia or others (see address link beneath). You will get a certificate and will have to wait 3 days after the consultation before undergoing the abortion.

The abortion must be performed by a doctor in the doctors office or in a clinic. Using online-services for medical abortion is not allowed.

Statutory Health Insurances do not pay for abortion, except when the pregnancy is the result of criminal act or for medical reasons.

If  you are registered as a resident in Germany and if your monthly personal income is low, you can apply for financial support at the health insurances (Gesetzliche Krankenkasse). You do not have to be member of  health insurance to apply.

You can get further information and contacts about abortion here:

or your family doctor for help and information.

The counseling centers, your family doctor or gynaecologist will give you the addresses of abortion providers. You also find them  via the following link:


Here you can find an abortion provider near you


All doctors and clinics are required to keep their patient information confidential, so you do not have to worry that they inform anybody about your need for help.


Pro familia:

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