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Organizations and Resources

  • Women on Web
    Abortion pill access by mail
  • AbortionTalk
    Provides a listening ear for anyone affected by abortion in any way. Also for providers. Not a counselling service, though. Currently only open Mon and Wed evenings but more volunteers are being recruited. Hoping to open a text line at some point.
    +44(0) 333 0909266
  • MSI Reproductive Choices
    Independent abortion provider for England only; commissioned by NHS

Community Comments

  1. "Mifepristone and Misoprostol access is easy- as anyone can self refer to an abortion provider who is able to send out Mifi-miso by post. In UK: always consult one of the 3 main independent providers of abortion services (MSI Reproductive Choices; BPAS; NUPAS) who will signpost you elsewhere as necessary. In NI: only call informingchoicesni.org. They will signpost you appropriately and are 100% trustworthy.
    There are a growing number of fake websites and fake helplines within the UK." - Anonymous, Novmeber 2022


Watch out for fake abortion clinics and sellers online. See or contribute to our list of scams & stay safe!

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United Kingdom

Abortion is legal for up to 24 weeks of pregnancy