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  1. Mifepristone is hard to get because it can only be accessed with a prescription in some pharmacies, in hospitals where abortion is legal or through support networks.

    Misoprostol is easy to get In pharmacies, most of the time without the need for a prescription. It is important to ask in several pharmacies until finding where they sell it or if possible, ask a man to come and request it. If all else fails, it is possible to approach feminist support networks that might have medicine to donate and/ or mobilize.

    Abortion is legal, safe and free in the state of Hidalgo.

    Di RAMONA - Hidalgo, Mexico - November 2022
  2. Misoprostol is easy to access, many pharmacies will sell it without a precription (over-the-counter) because its registration is for the treatment of gastric ulcers. It is available in most pharmacies and there are different presentations of the medication.
    Having an elderly person or a man go to buy them can facilitate access to the medicine. Ordering them through pharmacies that have online sales is also an option.

    Outside the public services that provide abortion care in Mexico City there are vans with people who offer "information" about abortion, these people belong to anti-rights groups that seek to scare or make people who come to abort, lose their place in line to receive their care sheet or provide them with false information about the procedures. In the same way, they offer the performance of ultrasounds that are generally altered with images of more weeks of gestation so that the person thinks that they will no longer be able to receive care in the services.

    Fondo MARIA - Mexico D.F. - November 2022
  3. Access to mifepristone is complicated, but not impossible.

    Misoprostol is available in pharmacies, and is sold without a prescription. It is easily accessible.

    Red Necesito Abortar, Mexico - November 2022
  4. Access to Mifepristone is difficult, only with a prescription and in a few pharmacies, it has to be obtained through an intermediary
    Misoprostol may be available in pharmacies without a prescription.
    It is often sold over the counter, it is available in pharmacies, supermarkets, however some pharmacists ask for a prescription or do not sell it to young women.

    Psychological, Sexological and Educational Care Unit for Personal Growth A.C. - November 2022
  5. "Mifepristone is relatively easy to find if you have a contact of feminist groups or ONG that have it, and if you have the money to pay for it.
    If you can't find a feminist group in your state, contact any other feminist group in México you can find in social media, and they surely will help you find one near you.
    For Misoprostol you do not need a prescription to buy it, but we have seen that in a lot of pharmacies they don't want to sell it to women. In cities, it is very easy to access, we suggest asking a man to go buy it for her, they will sell it with no problems, or to ask for it online or delivery. In towns, it is more difficult because usually most pharmacies don't have it or women don't want to go and ask for it, because of the stigma. We suggest that they can ask for them online, or to go to the nearest city if it is an option. Also, contacting local feminist groups is an option." - Anonymous - October 2022


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