Abortion law Malaysia


Abortion is legal. 

From International Consortium for Medical Abortion: 

Brief history of the law

Malaysian Penal Code sections 312 -315 covers abortion; originally taken from the Indian Penal code 1871 which made abortion totally illegal. In 1971, an amendment made it legal to save the life of the woman. In 1989, under pressure from the medical fraternity, another amendment was made to allow an exception. 

The Penal Code (Amendment) Act 1989 (Act 727), which came into force in May, 1989, widened the criteria for carrying out abortions.

Before the amendments came into force, the only grounds for an abortion were "for the purpose of saving the life of the woman" (Section 312). Now, an abortion may be carried out if the practitioner is of the opinion, formed "in good faith", that continuation of the pregnancy would constitute a risk of injury to the "mental or physical health of the pregnant woman, greater than if the pregnancy were terminated".

Short summary of conditions within the law

The present law clearly permits abortion to be performed by a registered medical practitioner under conditions

  1. To save the life of the woman
  2. To preserve physical health
  3. To preserve mental health