Abortion law Tajikistan


Abortion legislation

Law N°179, 15 May 1997, “on protection of public health” and Law N° 72, 2 December 2002, “On
reproductive health and reproductive rights”
Order N°121 of Ministry of Health, 28 April 2000, “On abortion grounds and procedures in the Republic
of Tajikistan”

Abortion is legal on request within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy

On certain grounds an abortion may be performed after 12 weeks  -

 On social grounds:
 Husband’s death during gestation;
 Divorce during gestation;
 If the husband or wife is recognized as unemployed;
 In the presence of court decision regarding entirely or partly revocation of paternity or maternity;
 If the woman is not married;
 If the pregnancy is the result of rape;
 If the husband is severely disabled (level 1-2);
 If the family has a disabled child;
 If the family does not have place of residence or lives in a dormitory;
 If the woman has a refugee or forced migrant status;
 If the family’s income is less than the minimum wage;
 If the family has many children (5 and more)

When a woman's life is in danger, there is no limit to when an abortion can be done.

Medical abortion is practiced but not legal. There is no current legislation regulating the use of misoprostol or mifepristone


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