Abortion law Denmark


"Law No. 350 of 13 June 1973 entitles women domiciled in Denmark to undergo an abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, after the submission of an application for abortion." Full text of the official UN report on Denmark can be found here.

2nd trimester abortion available when:

  • Risk to life of woman 
  • Risk of ‘severe deterioration of woman’s physical or mental health’
  • If pregnancy, childbirth or care of the child entails a risk of deterioration of the woman’s health on account of an existing or potential physical or mental illness or as a consequence of other conditions
  •  Danger that the child will be affected by a serious physical or mental disorder
  • Woman is incapable of giving proper care to a child due to physical or mental disorder
  • If the woman is for the time being incapable of giving proper care to a child on account of the woman’s youth or immaturity.
  • If it can be assumed that pregnancy, childbirth or care of a child constitutes a serious burden to the woman which cannot otherwise be averted
  • When pregnancy resulted from a criminal act

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