30th of August, 2004

F 486 against RU 486 The Portuguese navy has 4 ships of this type. Why did they send us the 486?


War Ship F486

A closer-up picture of the F486 Baptista de Andrade, the war ship that is blocking Borndiep's way. Would the Portugese navy know that Mifepristone, the abortion pill, is also known as RU 486? Are they making fun of us?


1 single mount cannon x 100 mm Mod.68

2 single mounts cannon x 40 mm Boffors L/70

2 triple mounts 32 torpedo launchers MK

1 tube for depth charges MK 9

We find this very intimidating.

Actually, the navy could have sent us the little patrol vessel only. We are not here to break the law. We are not here to fight the military. We are here to help the women of Portugal.

Maybe mr. Paulo Portas should consider calling back this extremely expensive ship and give the Portuguese tax payers' money to the minister of health to improve sexual education?

In Portugal, the number of abortions is 1 per 4 women. That is 150% higher that that of the Netherlands (1:6). These abortions are done illegally or take place in Spain. They cost at least 500 euros. In the Netherlands abortions are legal and free, the state pays for them. Yet we have only 2/3 of the Portuguese numbers...

How can that be?

Information about ship from: www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/europe/andrade.htm

Corvette NRP "Baptista de Andrade" the first one of the series of four ships of this class, was constructed by shipyards Bazan (Spain), under entirely national plans of conception that present an important evolution of the class "João Coutinho" in whom it respects the weapons and equipment. The NRP "Baptista de Andrade", was conceived for performance of missions of oceanic escort, making use of anti-submarine and antiaircraft armament and modern equipment of submarine and aerial detention and control of shot, what interesting features of operationalization confer it.

N.R.P. "Batista de Andrade" F486
N.R.P. "João Roby" F487
N.R.P. "Afonso Cerqueira" F488
N.R.P. "Oliveira e Carmo" F489

Length: 84.59 m
Beam: 10.3 m
Draft: 6.2 m
Reverse speed: 3.55 m
Displacement: 1400 t
Height at the mast: 22.0 m

Maximum speed: 23.4 kts
Cruise Speed: 14.0 kts

Shot Direction VEGA Sonar
Search/attack DIODON Radar
Aerial acknowledgment POLUX Radar
Agreed acknowledgment PLESSEY-AWS-2 Radar
Acknowledgment surface/navigation DECCA-RM-316

1 single mount x 100 mm Mod.68
2 single mounts x 40 mm Boffors L/70
2 triple mounts 32 torpedo launchers MK
1 tube for depth charges MK 9

Transmitters and recep. of MF-HF-VHF and UHF
Direction finder Navigation system
OMEGA Sounding lead Odometer acoustics
Snoring Installation of demagnetization TMK-6
Bathythermograph MO-32
Shower for decontamination of nuclear

Officers 9
Warrrant Officers 16
Seamen 82
Total 107