Live on TV

On Tuesday morning, Rebecca Gomperts and Ana Cristina Santos were featured on the Portuguese talkshow SIC 10 horas, in a show titled: Face to Face Abortion Boat. This Portuguese talkshow reaches hundreds of thousands of Portuguese women every day.

On this show, Rebecca Gomperts explained the use of Misoprostol, also known as Cytotec or Arthrotec, a medicine used for stomach ulcers, as a pill which can induce abortion. She warned that this method can be dangerous if not done properly and with extensive information. It should not be used when safer alternatives are at hand. She also announced the publication of extensive information about the use of Arthrotec to induce abortion, tonight on the website of Women on Waves.

CDS-PP secretary participates in abortion education TV
07 september 2004, 12:15h: Mr Pedro Mota Soares, secretary general of the right-wing government party CDS-PP discussing the pros and cons of home abortion with Arthrotec. Dr. Rebecca Gomperts and Ana…
Arthrotec on TV
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