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  1. "Mifepristone: Available only in the public health system (hospitals). Not available in pharmacies. Misoprostol: I found some information that it might be available in pharmacies under prescription but I am not sure.
    Abortion in Chile is legal and medically assisted only under certain circumstances.
    If none of these 3 circumstances is given, abortion is illegal and it is possible to get abortion pills from specific organizations (such as WomenOnWaves) at a reasonable cost or from many, many private, anonymous sellers at an elevated cost. Nevertheless, not all these private sellers and the information they provide about how to use the medicine are trustworthy, so caution is essential.!
    Viktoria Georgieva - November 2022
  2. Currently, Misoprostol-only regimens are predominantly used, while Mifepristone was only granted approval in 2019. - see safe2choose- last accessed march 2023


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