Which brand names are included in the Find Your Abortion Project?

Misoprostol and Mifepristone are the names of the two effective substances in abortion pills. While some companies market them under the name of their active ingredient, they also appear under numerous other brand names.

On our country profiles, the Find Your Abortion Project includes brand names that are officially registered by the country’s drug authority. To reflect the actual availability of abortion pills it also includes brand names that are commonly found while not being officially registered. So it is possible that on a country profile Mifepristone is marked as not registered while there are still brand names for Mifepristone included in our brand names section.

Below you’ll find a list of all brand names that appear on one or more country profiles of the Find Your Abortion Project.


Mifegyne, Mifepristone Linepharma, Mediprist, Mifiton, Mifeben, Mifeprist, Mifetab, Mty, Mifecon, Mifeston, Mifegest, Mif, Mprix, Mifovent, Mifisol, Undo, Mifton, Mefipil, Mistone, Mft, Mtpill, Abo Pill, Mifebort, Pregnot, Abortab, Mifegest, Relezed, Cedate, Colestone, Mifeprin, T-Pill, Elmif, Mifepro, Termipil, Empri, Miferiv, Overseas, Mefetrac, Mifty, Unwanted, Miropriston, Pregno, Pencroftone, Pil'eva, Mifrednor, Mifestad, Mifepristone Ba Dinh, Mife, Miropristone, Ginpriston, Ginestril, Miropristan, Mifepriston, Miffee, Mifolian, Ginestril,  Pencroftone, Mifotab, Mefaprix, Zacafemyl, Korlym, Mifepristone Genbiopro, Mifepristone Teva Pharms, Mifeaprofa, Mifepristona Dkt Chile.



A combipack mostly contains 1x Mifepristone (200mg) and 4x Misoprostol (200mcg each)


Mifeso, Mifepack, Safe-T, Marisafe, Mifeprex, Medabon, Mm Combikit, Mifabon, Mariprist, Mifedia, Ma-Kare, Pregya Kit Tablets, Medabon, I-Free, Mi-Mi Kit, Misomife-Fem Combo, Mm Combikit, Seguro, Mifeprin, Divabo, Mtp Kit,  Mifegymiso, Miso-Mife-Fem-Combo, Ms-2 Ste 



Miso-Fem, Ace Miso, Cytotec, Gymiso, Cytec, Mystol, Cytofine, Misoprolen, Apo-Misoprostol, Ovuprost, Cytil V,, Industol: Misoaprofa, Fimitol, Misoprostol Dkt Chile, Misoprostol Difem, Prostokos, Misox, Misoprogal, Misop 200, Misop 25, Misoprost 200 Beta, Misprostol Lif, Pms Misoprostol, Taneciprol, Cyrux, Cytopan, Miso, St Mom,  Misofar, Myrolyut, Mirolute, Topogyne, Cyprostol, Angusta, Misodel, Misoone, Mispregnol, Misoone, Misodel, Misofar, Misoprostol Labdhi, Misoprostol Apex, Misoprostol Amico, Aboprost, Misopa 100/200/600, Misodel 100/200, Misofree, Misoclear, Miso-Kare, Misoprost, A-Kare, Misonac, Cytotog, Zitotec, Mskare, Misogest, Chromalux, Citrosol, Cytostol, Gastrul, Invitec, Noprostol, Alsoben, Avertiso, Celprotec, Misoclear, Misoprost-200, C-Stol, Kontrac, Miso-Kare, Misodia, Cynomax, Vanprazol-200, Celprotec, Cytomis, Safeguard, Nedpros 


MISOPROSTOL containing Diclofenac 

Please see our safety notice!

Oxaprost 75*, Gd-Diclofenac/Misoprostol*, Pms-Diclofenac-Misoprostol*, Arthrotec 50/75*, Arthrotec*, Diclofenacnatrium/Misoprostol*, Rheuthrotec*

To see if the brand names listed are in fact registered, you can have a look at the bottom of the page and see if a country’s official list or database of registered drugs or the Medab database is cited as a source. If so, you can double check the information yourself. If not, the information mostly comes from a local contact and cannot be proven with official documents.