What are the community comments on the Find Your Abortion Project and can I trust them?

The community comments consist of information by people and organizations who have filled out the Find Your Abortion Project questionnaire that asks a set of 20 questions.

While we manually process and check each comment, we cannot guarantee and confirm that each community comment is 100% accurate. This being the case, we still think it is important and powerful to collect the tips, comments and experiences of people from each country to draw a better picture of how the reality of abortion care actually is in a given country. Each comment comes with a timestamp and, if the contributor consents, lists their name or organization. Abortion access can vary regionally, from city to city and over time. What you read in a comment might not reflect your experience in the same country. 

Please take this into consideration and use your own judgment when using the community comments to look for abortion care in your country. 

Do you want to write a comment or make a contribution? The Find Your Abortion Project is an ongoing and collective project that thrives from your contributions and corrections. Have you had an abortion? Did you get scammed looking for abortion pills? Do you know a friendly feminist organization that helped you? Or are you an abortion activist, doctor or part of an organization? Please share and fill out the questionnaire in English, French, Spanish or Arabic or contact us here