Abortion Robot on Stage in Poland, 2018


December 2018,
On the invitation of director Maja Kleczewska and CHOTKOWSKI Lukasz, Women on Waves participated with the play BACHANTKI in the Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw. We gave a workshop to the actors. As part of the play the actress ALEKSANDRA BOŻEK performed every week in front of the Polish parliament. The actress read the statement of Simone Weill at the day France voted to legalize abortion in 1973. She also performed the Women on Waves press statement with the request to be heard by the constitutional court in front of Polish parliament. The performances were life streamed on social media.
During the play the Abortion Robot entered the stage and provided the abortion pill to one of the actresses. The group also did an action to rename the central square in Warsaw " the legal abortion square".
The play created a lot of media attention.

Abortion Robot in Bachanti Warsaw Poland
  • International experts condemn attempt to further restrict abortion in Poland.

    For immediate release 17-10-2018:

    Warsaw, Poland - Women on Waves and the Sisterhood Network teamed up to fight attempts to further restrict abortion rights in Poland. A case brough by the group of Members of the Lower Chamber of The Parliament (Sejm) to the Constitutional Tribunal… Read more »