Borndiep sails to the North. Dutch politicians meet Portuguese.

In the morning of Friday September 3 the captain of the ship Borndiep of Women on Waves, informed a shipping agency of the harbour in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, that the ship needed to bunker gasoline and fresh water.

After no answer was received at 18.00 hours Women on Waves decided the Borndiep had to go to Spain, like 10.000 Portuguese women do every year to get the services they need. Late at night the Borndiep received the notification that even only bunkering gasoline and water was refused and that Portugal refused a safe harbour for the Borndiep. Women on Waves states once again that this is a severe violation of the national and international regulations and agreements of free passage an entry of harbours. The Borndiep will return to the Portuguese borders near Figueira da Foz as soon as possible.

On Thursday September 2, minister Bot, minister of foreign affairs of the Netherlands spoke with the minister of foreign affairs of Portugal, António Monteiro, to inform him that the majority of the Dutch Parliament asked for freedom of passage of the Borndiep to the harbour of Fiqueira da Foz. Women on Waves is still waiting for an official reaction from the Portuguese Government.

Today, Saturday September 4, two Dutch parliamentarians, L.van der Laan (D´66 ) and K. Arib (PVDA) especially come to Portugal to attend a political workshop in Lisbon on Saturday at 21.00 hours at Casa Amarela in Lisbon. All Portuguese parties are invited to the work shop. The Dutch parliamentarians will also pay a visit to the ship on Sunday September 4. Sunday afternoon at 16.30 hours, a work shop for Portuguese artists will take place in the Escola Nautica in the harbour of Fiqueira da Foz.

Desperate Portuguese women keep calling the help number of Women on Waves every day. Women on Waves tries to help them in any way they can.