Isle of Man

Legal abortion in the Isle of Man are available from May 24 the 2019

Isle of Man Abortion Reform Act 2019:

  • The Isle of Man has decriminalised abortion
  • A pregnant person can request an abortion up to 14 weeks – for any reason.  
  • There are no mandatory ‘waiting times’ and voluntary independent counselling (pre- and post-abortion) must be made available, should the woman request it.

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Under the  Old Termination of Pregnancy Act 1995 there were only three grounds for the performance of legal abortions:

(a) when two physicians are of the good faith opinion that it is necessary to preserve the life of the pregnant woman; examples include the situation in which the continuance of the pregnancy involves a substantial risk (other than such risk as is normally associated with pregnancy and childbirth) to the life of the pregnant woman greater than if the pregnancy is terminated and the situation in which termination of the pregnancy is necessary to prevent grave permanent injury to the physical or mental health of the woman (throughout pregnancy);

(b) when two physicians are of the good faith opinion that the child, if carried to full term, would be unlikely to survive (throughout pregnancy) or would suffer from serious handicap (up to 24 weeks);

(c) when two physicians are of the good faith opinion, as substantiated, that the pregnancy has resulted from rape, incest or alleged assault (up to 12 weeks). In addition, an emergency abortion can be performed at any time with the approval of only one physician.

Draft bill legalising abortion till 14 weeks in Isle of Man, supported by research of Women on Web

On January 23 th the BMJ published research about the use of abortion pills…