Abortion is legal on request up to 10 weeks in Serbia and can be obtained for free as it is covered by the healthcare.


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Abortions in state health institutions  are covered by health insurance. Abortions in private clinics charge in the range from 180 – 300 EUR. 


Official statistics say that there are approximately 100,000 abortions per year. 


  • Serbia: abortion law

    Abortion can be performed until 10th gestational week, on the request of the pregnant women.

    Form 10-20 Weeks In the following cases abortions are allowed: rape, incest, psychological trauma and socioeconomic reasons. Approval is needed by a panel of experts from the health institution. Read more »

  • Serbia: Organisations and Clinics

    Serbian Association for Sexual and Reproductive Rights Asocijacija za seksualno i reproduktivno zdravlje Srbije - SRH Srbija Strahinjića Bana 55/1 11000 Beograd Srbija   T/F: +381 11 3036 248 website: email:  Read more »