Taiwan abortion law


Abortion has been legal in Taiwan, under certain circumstances, since 1985 when the Genetic Health Act came into effect. 

A woman does not have an automatic right to an abortion in Taiwan and can only get one under the following circumstances:

1.) medical reasons - danger to the mother or fetus including deformities and defects - this includes psychological trauma to the mother
2.) rape or incest (which must, apparently, be "proven")
3.) "seduction" - meant to cover statutory rape but can technically be used as a reason by a woman of any age
4.) mental/psychological issues of the parent(s) that could be passed on to the child

A Taiwanese woman must obtain the consent of her husband, unless the husband is missing, unconscious or mentally ill. An unmarried woman under the age of 20 must obtain the permission of her parents, and a woman who is mentally handicapped needs the permission of a guardian.

Abortions may only be permitted in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy except to save a woman's life or preserve her physical health.

A woman who elicits an illegal abortion may be subject to up to six months' imprisonment. A person who carries out an unlawful abortion at the request of the woman may be subject to two years' imprisonment and a person who assists a woman in an illegal abortion for monetary gain is subject to imprisonment for one to five years.

for orginal legal text please see https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/population/abortion/taiwan.abo.htm