Misoprostol in Brazil

Near the end of 1991, the Government of Brazil took steps to end the use of Cytotec for the performance of illegal abortions.  Acting in part in response to a campaign of a number of groups against the drug, the federal Ministry of Health issued an order placing Cytotec in a category of drugs that could be sold only in authorized drugstores; these drugstores were required to retain a copy of the physician’s prescription for official use.  State Governments adopted similar measures. In Rio de Janeiro, use of the drug was limited to hospitals; in Ceará, its sale was completely prohibited; and in São Paulo, sales through drugstores were restricted to use for gastrointestinal purposes and drugstores were required to keep detailed records on the patient, prescribing physician and indications for the use of the drug.  Use of Cytotec for gynaecological reasons in hospitals in São Paulo required the permission of health officials.

Now there is a big black market and lots swindles and fake medication.