Prosecuter admits: no crime has been committed

The Ship of Women on Waves arrived safely in the harbour of Wladyslawowo on the 22nd of June at about 14.00 hours. The ship was welcomed by Polish women's organisations and members of Women on Waves who were standing on the docks.

A small group of male associates from the League of Polish Families political party protested aggressively and threw paint and eggs at the supporters and the boat of Women on Waves. Except for this small group of radicals, Women on Waves receives a lot of support from Polish people by e-mail, personal comments and applause.
We want to thank everybody for their support and we admire your courage.

The ship was re-located and is now at a secured place in the harbour of Wladyslawowo.
Polish customs and the local prosecutor searched the ship. The captain and another crew member had to hand over their passports. These were returned after a couple of hours. When the prosecutor left the ship he admitted publicly that no crime has been committed by Women on Waves.

Women have been calling the hotline seeking information about contraceptives, sex education and they want to meet with doctors on the ship for further discussions in international waters. Women on Waves wants to raise issues that are of concern to them and their lives. Women everywhere have the right to information!