Abortion law Kazakhstan


Order N°687 of the Ministry of Health, July 2001: “On medical reasons and regulations of abortion in
the Republic of Kazakhstan”; Law on reproductive rights, signed in June 2004

Up to 12 weeks:
 On request
From 12 weeks up to 22 weeks:
 Social grounds which include:
 Death of husband during pregnancy
 Confinement of woman or her husband
 Unemployment of woman or husband
 If the woman is unmarried
 Deprivation or limitation of parental rights
 Rape
 If the woman has refugee or forced migrant status
 Disabled child in the family
 Divorce during pregnancy
 4 or more children in the family
 Foetal malformation
No limit:
 If there are medical indications threatening the life of the pregnant woman, with her consent

 Consultation with a doctor required
 Clinical laboratory tests
 Parental consent required for minors (under 16)
 Abortions can only be performed in hospitals having a state license, operative unit, and a
department of intensive care

The drugs for medical abortion are registered in Kazakhstan. The average costs of the drugs are:
 Mifepristone 200 mg N 1: 1970 KZTg (US $16.4)
 Misoprostol 0.2 N 3: 390 KZTg (US $3.25)

These drugs are available in pharmacies, but medical abortions are only performed in Almaty city in
the RH centre (pilot site). There are no regulations on the state level and clinical protocols are not
approved yet.

Information above has been retrieved from the official IPPF website. Full text can be found here.

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