Armenia: Abortion Law


Abortion Law Armenia:

Official abortion law of Armenia (Law on Reproductive Health and Reproductive Rights, 11 December 2002) provides that every woman has a right to an abortion. Abortions are allowed during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy on request. Abortions are allowed from twelve through 22 weeks of pregnancy on health and social indications. Minors may obtain an abortion with the consent of their parents or legal representatives. Failing that, a medical commission may authorize the abortion. Before and after an abortion the woman is provided with advice on means of preventing unwanted pregnancies.

*Information above has been retrieved from the Harvard School of Public Health website,

From the UN Report on Armenia:

"An abortion requires the consent of the pregnant woman; it is authorized if performed by a licensed physician in a hospital or other recognized medical institution. Abortion is available on request during the first 12 weeks of gestation. Thereafter, induced abortion is available within 28 weeks from conception on judicial, genetic, vital, broad medical and social grounds, as well as for personal reasons if authorized by a commission of local physicians."

Abortion can be provided to preserve the physical or mental health of the pregnant person, if the life of the pregnant person is at risk, in the case of rape or incest, foetal impairment and for social and economic reasons.

*Information above has been retrieved from the official UN website. Full text can be found here.

Law of the Republic of Armenia on Reproductive Health and Reproductive Rights, 2002

Changes to the Law of Reproductive Health and Reproductive Rights, 2017