Bulgaria: Abortion Law


"Medically indicated abortion, when the pregnancy is between 12 and 20 weeks in duration, is allowed only if the woman is suffering from a proven, documented case of a disease that could endanger the life of the pregnant woman or child, as determined by a special medical commission. If the pregnancy is of greater than 20 weeks’ duration, abortion is permitted only if the woman’s life is in danger or evidence of severe foetal impairment is found. Abortions must be performed in specialized obstetric/gynaecological hospitals and clinics, or in hospitals with such specialized departments, by an obstetrician/gynaecologist and, in the case of medically indicated abortions, a medical specialist in resuscitation. " 

*Information above has been retrieved from the official UN website. Full text can be found here.

Decree No. 2 of 1 February 1990 on the conditions and procedures for the artificial termination of pregnancy, Published by Harvard School of Public Health.

(Source: Penal Code)