Launch "Come to Save a Life" campaign for Pfizer

For immediate release:
September 26 th, 2013.

Women on Waves designed a new global campaign. Finally men can take the leading role to improve women’s health and protect their lives. From now on all men can turn their sexual pleasure into a life saving experience by donating a part of the money they spend on Viagra to increase access to Cytotec - the vital drug for women, to Women on Waves.

Erection enhancing drugs generated $2.05 billion in worldwide sales for Pfizer in 2012. 

287,000 women die due to pregnancy related causes, most of these can be prevented with Cytotec. While Pfizer originally registered Cytotec for preventing gastric ulcers, subsequent research has shown that it can save women’s lives. Cytotec can also be used for safe abortion, prevention and treatment of heavy bleeding after giving birth, induction of labor, and treatment of incomplete miscarriage. Since 2005 Cytotec has been included on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines.

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