Ecuador: Abortion Law


Abortion is only permitted to save the woman's live or health and in case of rape.

Ecuador Penal Code (1971)

Sections 441-447 of the 1971 Penal Code of Ecuador prohibit abortion except in the case of a threat to the life or health of a pregnant woman, when this danger cannot be averted by other means, or when the pregnancy is the result of a rape or statutory rape of a woman who is an idiot or insane.  In the latter case, the legal representative of the pregnant woman must consent. Anyone performing an abortion without the consent of the pregnant woman is subject to imprisonment for three to six years.  If the abortion is performed with the woman’s consent, the person performing it is subject to imprisonment for two to five years.  If the woman dies, the punishment is increased to three to six years in prison if the woman consented to the abortion and to eight to twelve years in prison if she did not.  A woman who induces her own abortion or consents to its inducement is subject to one to five years in prison.  If she does so to hide her dishonour, she is subject to six months to two years in prison. Medical and paramedical personnel performing an abortion are subject to harsher penalties. Although abortion is only permitted on therapeutic and limited juridical grounds, it is widely practiced in Ecuador. The few studies available examining the incidence and prevalence of abortion do not distinguish between spontaneous and induced abortion and do not employ representative samples of the population.

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