Brazil: Options for Abortion and Women's Organizations

Abortion is illegal except in case of rape and to save the women's life.
Misoprostol is registered as Cytotec and Prostokos, but it is difficult to get.


If you live in Brazil, you have the following options:

  1. Ask Women on Web for help and do the online consultation to get a safe medical abortion using Mifepristone and Misoprostol. 
  2. Travel to a country where there is access to safe abortion. 

Country options:

Mexico City (in capital only):

In Mexico City the termination of pregnancy can be done until 16-18 weeks (since the last menstruation). The intervention in the first quarter costs around R$ 500 reais (2800 MXN). If you choose general anesthesia there will be additional costs. 


In Guyana you can receive a surgical abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy and a medical abortion up to 8 weeks. At the Family Association of Guyana in Georgetown , ultrasound costs around R$ 50 reais (15 euros), surgical abortion costs about R$ 115 reais (35 euros) and a medical abortion about R$ 50 reais (15 euros).


Brazilians do not need visa to travel to Guyana but it is required to have an International Certificate of Immunization against Yellow Fever.

(CIV).Flights to Georgetown in Guyana to cost from R $ 3700 dollars. The trip to Guyana from Brazil usually makes a transfer in Panama or the United States through the Copa and Delta companies. Be attentive to the needs of the countries seen scale.

It s also possible to travel by bus starting from Boa Vista (Roraima) with company


Getting to Georgetown:

  1. Getting to Boa Vista in Roraima. Take a domestic flight or a bus. Flights from Sao Paulo to Boa Vista range between $ 1,000.00 and $ 2,000.00 to R roundtrip.
  2. Getting to Roraima Bonfim. Amatur former coach make Boa Vista-Bonfim by R $ 13.00 (last report).
  3. From the border to Lethem. Taxis from the border to Lethem for R $ 20.00 or L $ 2000 (U.S. dollars Guyanese) per person. Attention, better rates do in Boa Vista.
  4. Take a flight to Georgetown. It is best not to drive. The road is unpaved for the most part, has no signal for mobile and services are scarce. It's kind of disaster movie in the forest, no kidding. For those who like to stop sleeping in hammocks along the way, adventure tourism and the like is a full plate. But do not advise a woman in a delicate situation like this to face 12-36 hours of travel in a van. And attention, do not eat palm in the middle of the road nor drink water there. Take your bottles of mineral water.

Plane of the section is Lethem (LTM) - Ogle (OGL). Return by Air Services Limited costs about R $ 440.00. By TGA (Trans Guyana Airways) is about R $ 600.00. Taxi to the center of Georgetown out about R $ 20.00 (9km).

Average total budget of shipping: AU $ 2,126.00 per person '.



 In Cuba you can get an abortion up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. After that time maybe it is still possible but you will need to contact the clinic or hospital directly to confirm the procedure. The health service in Cuba is free but there may be foreign to a rate of about 2000 CUC (Cuban dollars), approximately R $ 5,000 dollars. We are not sure if this fee is always charged and depends on the time of pregnancy, we recommend direct contact with the hospital.

  • Hospital - gynecological - obstetric RAMON GONZALEZ CHORUS
  • Adress: 21 No.856 Vdo. Ciudad de La Habana
  • Phone: - 00 XX XX 00 53 8382627 or 53 8382623


Flights to Havana, Cuba, cost around R $ 2,300 real and some airlines that make these flights are Copa, Avianca, Taca and TAM. Brazilians need visas to travel to Cuba but it is easy to get them:


Willemsstad, Curacao

  • Address: Breedestraat (Otrabanda) 33-35, Willemsstad, Curacao
  • Phone: +5999 4624411

Flights to Curacao from the cost of R $ 1,550 real and Aruba starting at R $ 1,700 dollars. Some airlines that fly there are Avianca, TAM, Copa, Delta and LAN. Brazilians do not need visas to travel to Aruba or Curacao.


United States:

In the United States abortion is legal and the time limit for making abortion varies per state. In some states it goes up to 28 weeks of pregnancy. In Florida and in New York the limit is 24 weeks.

If you do not have a visa for the United States, please consider another country. In this case the United States is not a suitable alternative, because the waiting time for a visa usually takes a few months.

The costs of the procedures increase according to the time of pregnancy. Abortion before 12 weeks costing between $ 450 and $ 600 dollars. Abortion after 12 weeks can cost about R $ 1,000 to R $ 1,400 dollars.

You can use these sites to find a clinic:

Several airlines fly to the United States, usually the cost of tickets start at R $ 2,300 dollars.


French Guiana:

You can have an abortion up to 12 weeks of gestation in most hospitals there. At this moment we have no information on costs.

  • contact: Département de la Guyane, Planning Familial
  • Address: 4 av Danton 97320 SAINT LAURENT DU MARONI
  • Phone: XX 00 34 23 55 594



Women's Organizations

Several organizations in Brazil are involved n women's rights and reproductive health. These organizations can provide you with information and help regarding abortion and sexual health. 







tel: (11) 3034-2321


Caixa Postal 8011, CEP 70.673-970, BRASÍLIA-DF

tel: (61) 3343 1731 / (61) 9183 7425





Abortion is illegal except in case of rape and to save the women's life.