Guatemala: Clinics and Organizations

Misoprostol is registered as Cytotec and available in pharmacies costs 6 to 8 USD.

At hospitals in Guatemala, Misoprostol is available just for obstetrical indication, at the present is not used for incomplete abortion or other indication (CLACAI). 


Women’s Organizations 

6 e avenida 1-71 zona 1, ciudad de guatamala
phone: 502-22510555 (ext 203)

  • Abortion hotline: For information about the use of misoprostol to have a safe abortion women can contact the hotline number: (502) 22786724

Women's Clinics



5a Ave. 13-18 Zona 1 01000 Guatemala, Guatemala

phone: (502) 2321-0101



Abortion is only permitted to save a woman's life.
Misoprostol is available and…