Syria clinics and organisations

Abortion access:

Misoprostol is available in the pharmacies as cytotec. Women can also obain a medical abortion through



Women's Organizations

General Women Union in Syria is the only existing women's association,  active especially in urban or semi-urban areas. (

"Syrian Women Observatory" is considered the most important resource on issues related to women, children and the disabled in the Arabic language, and especially the issue of combating violence against women. The SWO contains the largest collection of data on these topics and is considered the first organization capable of bridging the digital-real world gap as it concerns these sensitive social issues. The "Syrian Women Observatory" was launched on January 5, 2005 as a forum for dialogue on social issues in Syria.

Syrian Family Planning Association (SFPA )

Abou Romaneh Street
PO Box 2282

Tel: +963(11) 331 0396 , (11) 333 0714 , (11) 331 0395
Fax: +963(11) 3310365

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