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Under the Penal Code of Qatar of 28 August 1971, abortion is generally illegal. A pregnant woman who performs an abortion on herself or consents to its performance is subject to up to five years’ imprisonment.  A person who intentionally performs an abortion on a pregnant woman is subject to the same penalty if she consents, or to up to ten years’ imprisonment if she does not consent. 

The Code also provides, however, that the performance of an abortion to save the life of the pregnant woman is legal.  Law No.2/1983 of 22 February 1983 governing the practice of the professions of physician, surgeon and dentist, contains a similar provision.  Moreover, it provides that if the pregnancy is of less than four months’ duration an abortion may be legally performed: a) if continuation of the pregnancy would cause certain and serious harm to the mother’s health; or b) if there is evidence that the child would be born with serious and incurable physical malformations or mental deficiency, and both spouses consent to the abortion.

Under Law No. 3/1983, a medical commission consisting of three medical specialists, one of whom must be a specialist in gynaecology and another a specialist in obstetrics, must recommend the procedure before an abortion can be performed.  All abortions must be performed in a government hospital.

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Abortion is only permitted to save the life of the woman, to preserve her…