Oman abortion law


Abortion Law (link)

Abortion is illegal except to save the life of the woman. 

Under  the  penal Code of 16 February 1974 (Law No. 7/1974), the performance of abortions is prohibited unless there exists a situation of necessity and the abortion is carried out by a physician in the sincere conviction that it is the only means of saving the life of the pregnant woman. The woman must consent to the abortion.

A person who intentionally performs an illegal abortion without the consent of the woman is subject to at least five years’ imprisonment. If the woman consents, the person performing the abortion is subject to six months’ to six years’ imprisonment.  A woman who performs her own abortion or lets another person do so is subject to three months’ to three years’ imprisonment. If the abortion results in the death of the woman, the person performing it is subject to at least seven years’ imprisonment.

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