Abortion clinics and associations in Norway

Abortion is legal on request until week 12.
It is possible to have an abortion until a later stage on social, medical or fetal indication, but it has to be applied for and a specialized gynecologits and a GP will assess the case. Nearly all cases are allowed.
For women not speaking Norwegian or english, telephonic translaters are organized.



For abortions, women are referred to gynecological outpatient clinics. Here an ultrasound is performed by a gynecologist in training to confirm Gestational Age as well as a chlamydia test will be taken. The intervall until the appointment is usually within a week, and only days, when close to 12 weeks LMP.  After receiving the tablets, most women perform the abortions at home and are offered a phone call by a nurse the next or the same day as the abortion. If preferable, the abortion can be done at the hospital as a day procedure. 


For advice and guidance, you can contact:

Amathea 90 65 90 60

Monday-Friday from 08:00 to 20:00

Information and guidance for choices related to pregnancy and abortion.

Sex og samfunn

Center for Young Sexuality (in Norwegian).


Information about sex and cohabitation in Arabic, English, Farsi, Norwegian, Polish, Somali and Tigrinya, aimed at immigrants and others with short periods of residence.