Netherlands: Organisatons and clinics

In the Netherlands, abortion is legal for up to 24 weeks.

If you live and are registered in the Netherlands, you are entitled to free treatment. You must then be able to show a citizen service number (BSN) and a Dutch health insurance card, or your registration certificate from your municipality (BPR).

if you officially live in another country, the clinics will ask you to pay (400 to 1200 euros, depending on the term and type of treatment). The Women on Waves clinic in Amsterdam asks for a donation of 90 euros or less if you cannot afford it.

If you are less than 6 and a half weeks pregnant, you can receive immediate overtime treatment. The abortion pills are available in a pharmacy on a prescription from a doctor. Ask your doctor if he can help you. Not all GPs want this. If you are more than 6 and a half weeks pregnant, you should wait 5 days between seeing a doctor and having the abortion. In that case, most clinics or hospitals ask for a referral from a doctor.

To make an appointment with the Women on Waves clinic in Amsterdam:

The Women on Waves clinic in Amsterdam can only provide the abortion pill up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. The clinic was set up to help undocumented women in particular and people who have problems getting help in another clinic.

  1. Cick her to do the online consulation in your language on the Women on Web website. This way we will already have all the required information before you visit the clinic. You will have to provide an email address and mobile phone number where we can reach you.
  2. If you missed your period less than 16 days ago, you can book an appointment the same or next day. If you think you are pregnant longer (till 9 weeks) please book an appointment 5 days from today. In The Netherlands there is a mandatory waiting period of 5 days. 
  3. Book an appointment with Women on Waves Click on the link to book an in-person consultation:
  4. Make a donation of 90 euro: 
    • to the Women on Waves bank account:
      • Women on Waves
      • IBAN: NL84INGB0006926248
      • BIC: INGBNL2A
    • or Donate via Paypal


For surgical abortions and addresses of other Abortion clinics in the Netherlands

Also see 



  • Abortuskliniek Amsterdam


  • Mildred-Rutgershuis

Den Bosch

Den Haag


  • RutgersStimezo Zuid-Nederland
    • Jan van Schoonvorststraat 22
    • 5611 PK Eindhoven
    • Telefoon Rutgers: 040-2445976
    • Telefoon Stimezo: 040-2946555
    • E-mail:
    • Website: 



  • ZEAZ Goes  
    • Van Dusseldorpstraat 24
    • 4461 LV Goes 
    • Telefoon: 0113- 296737
    • Website:


  • Centrum voor Seksuele Gezondheid Noord Nederland
    • Radesingel 11
    • 9711 ED Groningen
    • Telefoon: 050-3132250
    • E-mail: 
    • Website: 


  • Beahuis & Bloemenhovekliniek
    • Herenweg 211-215
    • 2106 MJ Heemstede
    • Telefoon: 023-5289890
    • Website:
    • Bijzonderheden: Ook voor verder gevorderde zwangerschappen tot 23 weken


  • Gynaikon Klinieken, Medisch Centrum Bredeweg
    • Bredeweg 239, 6043 GA Roermond
    • Tel: +31 (0)475 396224
    • Bereikbaar voor informatie & afspraken
    • Ma. t/m za.  8:30 - 17:00 uur
    • E-mail: / 


  • Gynaikon Klinieken 
    • B Strevelsweg 700/201-204, 3083AS Rotterdam
    • Tel: +31 475 396 244
    • Bereikbaar voor informatie & afspraken
    • Ma. t/m za.  8:30 - 17:00 uur
    • E-mail: / 


  • Vrelinghuis
    • Biltstraat 397-423
    • 3572 AV Utrecht 
    • Telefoon: 030-2333542
    • Website:
    • Also for pregnancies up to 23 weeks 


  • Stimezo Zwolle
    • Oosterlaan 14
    • 8011 GC Zwolle 
    • Telefoon: 038-4217000
    • E-mail:
    • Website:




The Netherlands

Abortion is legal.