Abortion law Iceland


Legal abortion available since 1975. Abortion is legal up until 16 weeks of pregnancy. However, this limit does not apply in cases where the mother’s life or health is in jeopardy or if  foetal deformity is present. (UN Report 2011)

The 1975 law states (translated):

8th Article: Abortion under this act, a medical surgery that a woman undergoes in order to terminate a pregnancy before the fetus has reached a viable development.

9th Article. Abortion is permitted:
1. Social reasons: As expected, the pregnancy and birth of a child, women and her closest too difficult for uncontrollable social reasons. Under such circumstances should be taken into account:
   a. If the woman has given birth to many children in quick succession and a short time has passed since the last birth.
   b. If the woman is living under poor conditions because Omega or serious health of others in the home.
   c. When a woman can not because of his youth and lack of developmental care for the child adequately.
   d. Other reasons, if they are fully compatible with the above conditions.
2. Medical reasons:
   a. When it can be assumed that the woman's physical or mental health is endangered by continued pregnancy and childbirth.
   b. When it can be assumed that a child is in danger of being born deformed or with a serious genetic disease or damage during fetal life.
   c. When disease, physical or mental, seriously diminishes a woman or a man to take care of and raise a child.


English provision of the law can be found here.